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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

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Newsletter Contents:

1] Compassion at the Mirror – Psychology Today by Dr. Tara Well

1a] TEDx Talks -What Mirror Meditation Can Teach You by Tara Well – YouTube 11:11 minutes

1b] Also, Author of The Clarity – From focus to deep engagement

2] Peer Support Approaches for Responding to Fear by Martha Barbone, National Association of Peer Supporters, Inc (iNAPS)

2a] National Association of Peer Supporters, Inc (iNAPS)

2b] & Don’t Miss Our Next Webinar – Thursday, May 28 1-2:30pm (ET) The “Alternatives to Suicide” Approach

3] Step Inside the Circle – Compassion Prison Project on Vimeo

3a] Compassion Prison Project – Bringing Compassion, Childhood Trauma Awareness and Creative Inspiration to the men and women living behind bars

4] Pat ‘Mother Blues’ Cohen uses her voice to perform acts of kindness during pandemic – American Creators – PBS News Hour – You Tube

4a] In a green-space separating wings of the Citadel nursing home on Monday afternoon, Pat “Mother Blues” Cohen told all those within earshot to “lay back and listen.”. by Liz Moomey, Salisbury Post

5] Dropping Keys – Stories of Recovery and Hope

5a] Submit Your Story & your art

6] Campaign to End Loneliness – The believe that people of all ages need connections that matter.

6a] Let’s Talk More – Together, we can end loneliness – YouTube

7] The Gifts of Adversity: Reflections of a Psychologist, Refugee, and Survivor of Sexual Abuse by Dr. Carolee Tran

7a] Local Author Carolee Tran And Her New Memoir ‘The Gifts of Adversity’ – Insight With Beth Ruyak on

8] Advance Parenting – is a small nonprofit organization pioneering a new kind of parenting education.

9] This couple is delivering backpacks with pandemic supplies to N.Y.C.’s homeless by Julie Compton @ NBC News

9a] Backpacks For The Street – A grassroots movement to bring compassion and dignity to the streets

10] The Irish are sending relief to Native Americans, inspired by a donation from a tribe during the Great Famine By Harmeet Kaur, CNN

10a] The Real Legacy of Crazy Horse by Alia Wong @ The Atlantic

11] 13 Virtual Train Rides From Around the World That You Can Experience Right Now by Evie Carrick @ Travel + Leisure

12] The implicit bias of, “Mental Illness” and “mentally ill”, a lexicon of hurt. By Michael Skinner

13] Project Parachute Provides Free Mental Healthcare to Front-Line Workers by Amanda D’Ambrosio @ MedPage Today

14] PeerGalaxy – Welcome to our humble beginnings for great destinies. Peer supports and educational activities

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