The Surviving Spirit Newsletter January 2020

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Contents List:

1] Just Being Outside Can Improve Your Psychological Health, and Maybe Your Physical Health Too by Zoë Schlanger @ Pocket Worthy – Stories to fuel your mind.

2] PTSD: Civilians Struggle To Find Effective Therapy : Health News: NPR by Caroline Covington

3] Meet the Music Manager Who Helps Struggling Addicts on the Road to Recovery by James Patrick Herman @ Variety

4] A Letter to Niyyah: Trauma Under the Bridge – YouTube 9:54 minutes

4a] One Woman’s Rise From Living Under a Bridge, To A Radiant Life Filled With Renewal And Hope

5] Building a Life Worth Living by Marsha M. Linehan: Penguin Random House Books

6] Self-Esteem Growth: Stay True to Your Roots, Not Your Leaves By Vicki Botnick, MA, MS, MFTI, @ Good Therapy

7] Brushes with the law: how teaching art to women in prison changed their outlook by Joanna Moorhead @ The Guardian

8] Ronan Farrow’s Brief But Spectacular take on interrogating the truth PBS – You Tube 4:29 minutes

9] Childhood Trauma Can Manifest As

10] How Treating People With Brain Injuries Helped Me Forgive My Mother by Shelby Vittek