New 19 Song CD Released: Waitin For A Train

Waitin For A TrainWaiting for A Train
My Latest album release – 19 songs & 79 ½ minutes of music!!!


“Waitin For A Train” is Michael Skinner’s third full-length CD release over the last decade. An award-winning and outspoken advocate on issues involving child safety and exploitation, Skinner threads a sense of justice through his music, though the tracks “Songs For the Keys To Your Life,” “Joy” and “Maureen” offer his fans the sunshine that has emerged from behind the clouds.

“I’m having more fun now than I’ve ever had,” Skinner said in discussing the release of “Waitin’ For A Train.” “Every song is my story but these are collective stories too,” he explained. “The strength and perseverance of the many other trauma and abuse survivors I’ve met have helped to guide me.”

Skinner started his musical odyssey on drums but it is as a singer/songwriter that he has found his voice. “Waitin’ For A Train” contains 14 original tracks by the artist, a cover of “Stand By Me,” and four cuts from his days with the band American Train.

Skinner cites The Beatles as a major influence on his music and it’s a short leap to John Lennon’s anthem of peace, “Imagine,” as an inspiration to the many metaphorical and musical journeys “Waitin’ For A Train” provides. These are rich and personal songs about hope, healing, and the ongoing quest for happiness.

You can access Skinner’s music and writing at The website, which has had close to one million hits since its inception, provides links to his MySpace page, which features a live performance of “Brush Away Your Tears,” one of the featured songs on his new CD, and to several helping agencies for incest and trauma survivors.

Skinner is an accomplished motivational and inspirational speaker available for radio, television, and live performances. His blend of humor, compassion, listening, and just being present disarms one of the major weapons abusers count on: silence.

Michael Skinner has come by his voice the hard way. “Waitin’ For A Train” is a talented and memorable tribute to that journey.  He more than gets by “with a little help from his friends.” Chris Schindler has been making music with Skinner since grammar school. They played together in the New England hard rock band American Train in the 1970’s and Schindler contributes his bass guitar to many of the tracks.

A portion of the sales proceeds from “Waitin’ For a Train” will benefit organizations that advocate for those affected by trauma, abuse, and mental health concerns.