Mike Skinner Releases New Album “Pirates”

Pirates Album CoverManchester, New Hampshire, musician Mike Skinner has just released "Pirates," his second full-length album. "I see "Pirates" as a triumph of the spirit," the guitarist said. "Despite adversity, You can get through life's trials. I have found many folks who may not be on the exact same journey as me but are willing travelers.

"Train of Tears," Skinner's first album, released in 1999, was also recorded at Bob Cat Studios (Seabrook, NH). "I was pleasantly surprised by the success of "Train of Tears," Skinner said in a recent interview. "It opened a lot of doors for me. I want to be accepted as a musician who feels strongly about certain issues and will say so."

"The real threat to our society comes not from the mentally-ill – but from the morally-ill."

David Gonzalez

The ten songs that comprise the acoustic pop sounds of "Pirates" still address angst and accountability, love and loss, but anger is replaced by a degree of acceptance. Skinner sings in the title cut: "A sturdy ship from those at hand will help your passage, Deliver you to a new land…Position your ship so that the sun shines in their faces."

Skinner trades in his electric guitar for an acoustic one in "Pirates" and the original cuts are complemented by the rich voice of Kelly Ann McCann on several songs. Skinner has worked with different versions of his composition "Walk With Me." The one included with this album is a smooth instrumental by pianist Jay Hovnanian.

The musician, who toured Europe for two years in the late 1970s with the Massachusetts’s band American Train, is looking to reestablish himself in the more intimate solo venue of coffeehouses and other live performances in the New England region. Additional information can be found at www.mskinnermusic.com

Skinner recently addressed the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on issues involving child exploitation and a portion of the sale of "Pirates" will be donated to organizations including SASS (Sexual Assault Support Services;Portsmouth, NH ) and The Healing Arts Studio; Boston, MA. The guitarist recently performed at Manchester's Veteran's Park as part of NAMI Walks, an 11 state nationally co-ordinated walkathon fundraiser for the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. Skinner has been invited by the Million Dads March to perform "Dear Child," a song from "Pirates," at the gathering in Washington, D.C. this Father's Day weekend..

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