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Mail Order CDs and T-Shirt Pricing

  • CD: Waitin’ For A Train – $12.00 total [ $12.00 CD, $2.00 S&H]
  • CD: Pirates – $12.00 total [ $10.00 CD, $2.00 S&H]
  • CD: Train of Tears – $12.00 total [ $10.00 CD, $2.00 S&H]
  • Casset Tape: Train of Tears – $7.00 total [ $5.00 cassette, $2.00 S&H]
  • T-shirts – $14.00 total [$12.00 t-shirt, $2.00 S & H]

Making And Orders

Merchandise Order Form
To make an order please download this order-form Download PDF and print it, then fill it out and send it to

Michael Skinner

38 River Ledge Drive
Goffstown, NH 03045

T-Shirt Orders Micheal SkinnerWhen ordering using the form please make sure to;

  1. define what items you wish to purchase
  2. define the amount of items you wish to purchase
  3. If your buying t-shirts please disclose your needed size & color
  4. Your day time phone number

 Please plan to make checks or money orders payable to “Michael Skinner”

If you wish to buy Mike’s music on-line, you can visit (and sample) his music at CDBaby and iTunes. Below are links that will take you to the music.

Thank you.