What I Do As A Musician

Album Pirates - Mike Skinner

Songs About Life, Love, Loss and Hope

I write and perform songs about life, love, loss and hope. I have been performing since the age of twelve and my musical endeavors as a professional drummer or as a singer/songwriter/guitarist have taken me throughout the country. I have performed in small intimate events to large concerts and halls with several thousand in attendance.

My three musical cd’s releases have been sold in every state of the USA and in many parts of the world. As a drummer, I spent two years in the late 70’s touring all of Great Britain with the hard rock band “American Train”. We got to perform in many of the same venues back then as did The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, AC/DC and so many more. As a singer/songwriter/guitarist, I have performed throughout America — from Boston to Los Angeles to Hawaii and many parts in between. My musical endeavors have given me so many valuable and interesting experiences.

“Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I take great pride in my professionalism and ability to adapt and form a rapport with my audience.

Please take a listen to these songs from “Waitin’ For A Train posted at the site – “Songs For The Keys To Your Life, “If I Could Love You”, “Joy” and “Stand By Me” and from “Pirates, “Feel Like a Man” “Pirates” “Dear Child”, “Immigrant” and “My Back Door” – a small sampling of what I perform for my singer/songwriter set.

My musical repertoire also includes an extensive selection of cover songs from the Beatles, The Eagles, Cat Stevens, classic rock, the oldies and some contemporary artists – all fun and easy listening songs for any group of people or event.

 Please consider me for:

  • Outdoor Events & Concerts
  • Fundraising Events
  • House Concerts – my songs and some covers
  • Home Parties – cover songs and some of my songs
  • Business events
  • Events requiring easy listening background music
  • Colleges
  • Pubs & restaurants
  • Coffeehouses
  • Host Open Mic events
  • Perform & write music for films, TV, documentaries
  • Perform & write songs for special events – weddings, anniversaries, etc
  • Drumming – drum set, congas, percussion, etc
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