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November Surviving Spirit Newsletter is out

Hot off the presses – to learn more – please visit Lots of great resources for trauma, abuse and mental health challenges – Hope, Healing & Help through the creative arts, advocacy & education. & Resources for ‘Getting through the Holidays’  – 2013-11-The_ Surviving _Spirit _Newsletter _November_2013

Mike Receives The Frances Olivero Advocacy Awards

The Frances Olivero Advocacy Award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated inspiring community leadership and unique contributions in advocacy around a particular issue on behalf of New Yorkers with psychiatric disabilities. You may recognize Michael as the longstanding, loving host of our conference’s Open Mike program for the past decade. Michael has approached […]

Mike’s Involvement And Support For 1Blue String Campaign

July 2013 – Mike becomes involved with and supports the efforts of 1 In 6 and their 1Blue String Campaign A live performance of his song “JOY” is captured on video at the September 2013 NYAPRS Conference and is featured in the 1BlueString in the Community blog post for October The blog also […]

Mike Performs His Song, “Joy” at NYAPRS Workshop Presentation

Michael Skinner is a professional musician, as well as an advocate, public speaker and writer of published articles that address the concerns of mental health, trauma, & abuse. Recently, Mike’s portrait was featured as a part of The Bristlecone Project. Below is a video of him using 1BlueString while performing his song, JOY, after the presentation […]

PCCS Books releases “Our Encounters with Suicide”, featuring Mike’s chapter, “The Silence of Suicide”.

“The collection brings together a range of voices on the theme of suicide – those who have been suicidal, alongside the friends, family and staff who have lived and worked with them.  Too often the rhetoric of ‘suicidology’ is occupied only by those who have never had personal experience of suicidality. The first-person voice is […]

New 19 Song CD Released: Waitin For A Train

Waiting for A Train My Latest album release – 19 songs & 79 ½ minutes of music!!! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Waitin For A Train” is Michael Skinner’s third full-length CD release over the last decade. An award-winning and outspoken advocate on issues involving child safety and exploitation, Skinner threads a sense of justice through his […]

Striking a Chord – Anchor Magazine

In the early nineties, Mike Skinner had it all. “I was happily married with my wife…my partner of 21 years. We had five great children. I had a nice home and a very successful business—I had the American Dream,” he says. “Then it all came crashing down…”   article-Striking-a-Chord-Anchor-Magazine (PDF)