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Mike Skinner: Striking a Chord

In the early nineties, Mike Skinner had it all. “I was happily married with my wife…my partner of 21 years. We had five great children. I had a nice home and a very successful business—I had the American Dream,” he says. “Then it all came crashing down…” In 1993, Mike started having flashbacks of the […]

In God’s Name

" IN GOD'S NAME" For Immediate Release Contacts: November 9, 2002 David Roscow, 703-276-2772, ext. 21 Scott Treibitz, 703-276-2772, ext. 11 New Report Catholic Church Guilty of Global Human Trafficking of Sexual Predators and Victims Group Calls on Vatican to Turn over All Diocesan "Historical Secret Archives" to Law Enforcement Calls For US Congressional Hearings […]