Healing Trauma, Abuse, & Mental Health Through Music , Education & Advocacy

Michael Skinner MusicianThank you for visiting my website, please take some time perusing and learning what I am about as a musician and as an advocate. I wear ‘two hats’, so to speak, one as a singer/songwriter/guitarist performing songs about life in coffeehouses, pubs, schools, business events, private events and so much more. I also utilize some of my music and public speaking for presentations at conferences, training seminars, and events all over the country that have to do with healing from the concerns of trauma, abuse, and mental health. Two distinct musical endeavors and I make sure that whatever the occasion I am hired for, I present the music that best fits the event.

As a musician and songwriter, I like to write songs about life, love, loss and hope. And that’s important to me, for at the end of the day I do want to leave people with a sense of hope and inspiration.

Mike Skinner – Musician

Read about Mike’s experiences with live performances and his skill in developing a fast rapport with his audience – a professional musician for over 40 years, he has performed in some of the same venues as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC to name a few.

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Mike Skinner – Advocate

Mike has triumphed over years of victimization during his childhood and adult years. He has transformed this horrific experience into a positive and caring force for others. Read how Mike uses insight, compassion and music to help others who have had similar pasts.

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Released Albums

Musician Michael Skinner has crafted his albums “Train of Tears” , “Pirates”, and the new release, “Waitin’ For a Train” the hard way. As a former member of a number of successful rock bands, including American Train which toured England in the late 70’s, the guitarist/drummer saw his whole world change back in the early 90’s with the onset of complex PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and depression from childhood abuse, but with persistence, patience, and hard work he has returned to his musical endeavors.

What Others Say About Mike

Your presence alone portrayed so much strength. Your music is powerful. I admire your strength to remain so open with yourself in your music. Your openness creates such a connection between you and your listeners. It’s amazing.

 Stephanie, Philadelphia, PA

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It is Mike Skinner’s immersive lyrics that are most impressive; they tell the story of his life, his pain, heartbreak, recovery, and renewal. Add to that his voice and guitar and you have a talent ready
to take off!

Gayle Bluebird, NH

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Thank you so much for sharing your experience, talent and spirit with us. Your courage inspires and frees us all to embrace life and love as fully as possible.

 Peace and Warmth, Lucia

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You have been chosen for a very special purpose, as you continue to touch my heart every time I listen to “Katrina”. I wish you blessings and light

Dotty Mae, NH

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